Benefits of green tea in different Flavours

Iced Green tea

Iced green tea

Green tea is originated from the leaves of camellia sinensis. Science and medical studies have found that green tea has become subjective as regular green tea drinkers are less prone to disease. Two cups a day is sufficient because drinking excess consumption can harm. In North American markets there are some of the most common Chinese and Japanese green tea that taste bit sweeter. From the very beginning – drinking green tea has become a part of their life style.

There are various types of green tea with different brands. They are derived from same basic plant. It can be served with hot and cold water. There is a wide selection of green tea. Most expensive green tea is lung ching tea from china.

General Green tea benefits

Over the last few years green tea has been put through several scientific and medical studies to find out the degree of its long-purported health advantages, with some data indicating that normal green tea drinkers might have a lowered danger of developing heart disease and certain kinds of cancer. Although green tea doesn’t increase the metabolic rate enough to create instant weight reduction, a green tea extract containing polyphenols and caffeine has been proven to stimulate thermo genesis and promote fat oxidation, improving the metabolic rate 4% without raising the heart rate.

Lipton green tea – A rich natural source

Lipton green tea offers large number of flavours with the correct taste. It comes in different flavors such as Lipton green tea jasmine, Lipton green tea min, Lipton green tea citrus, Lipton green tea mint etc. Lipton green tea benefits in weight loss. It is not very expensive and taste nice.

Growing, harvesting and processing

Green tea is developed and prepared in a number of ways, with respect to the kind of green tea preferred. Consequently of those techniques, maximum levels of anti-oxidants and polyphenols are maintained. The growing conditions could be divided in to two basic forms – those grown underneath the shade and those grown in the sunlight.

green tea harvesting

green tea harvesting

The green tea extract plants are grown in rows that are trimmed to create shoots in a normal method, and are usually gathered 3 times each year. Place is taken by the first flush in late April to early Might. The 2nd crop often takes place from June through July, and the 3rd finding takes place in late July to early August. Often, there may also be considered a crop. It’s the very first flush in the spring which provides the highest quality leaves, with higher rates to complement.

The leaves in this state is likely to be re-fired throughout every season because they are required, providing the green teas better taste and an extended shelf life. The very first flush tea of Might may easily shop in this manner before next year’s crop. Next process, each raw tea is likely to be sifted and graded based on size. Ultimately, each lot is likely to be mixed based on the purchase by the tasters and loaded for sale.

Green Tea Flavours and infusions

1.       Ginger lemon green tea

Lemon ginger tea is herbal tea. It can be made at home and you can also get these flavors wrapped in tea bags.  Its function will help to fight digestion problem. Also it helps to relax your body muscles.

2.       Green tea with honey

Apart of its good taste, green tea with honey kills illness and treats other health problems. It strengthens the immune system and it is also a strong flue fighter.

3.       Green tea with lemon

Every type of green tea contains antioxidants properties. Lemon flavour in green tea benefits in large form. It gives rich source of vitamin c that is beneficial for the body. It also helps to slow down the arthritic problems.

4.       Green tea with lemon and ginseng

It blends the tangy taste of lemon and ginseng. Its flavour refreshes and uplifts the level of energy. It helps to purify body and ensures proper functioning of body.

Taking green tea with lemon in mornings benefits a lot. The range of green tea flavors relieves you from stress and keeps you working. There are numerous benefits of green tea with lemon.  Various varieties of green tea flavours are available in super market.  You can also prepare it at home by adding a clinch of lemon. It promotes good health. Intake of lemon green tea after your meal is best because this infusion will help to reduce body mass as well. If you want more suggestion then our specialist can offer a helping hand depending on your body comfort.

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