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Lose weight and enjoy other health benefits by drinking green tea

More than Thousands of decade’s – green tea was immensely taken by the China people as a regular health drink. Also, drinking green tea is traditionally consumed by the people living in Japan, Hong Kong and China. Recently our health nutritionist experts have researched that people living in west side have started preferring green tea than black due to its numerous health benefits.

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Lose weight with green tea

Why green tea has suddenly became popular all around the world? What are the reasons to drink green tea? Each person wants to have a perfect body, but does not find time to eliminate extra body fat. Green tea serves the purpose of loosing weight as well as offers other health benefits. There are numerous varieties in flavoured green tea. It contains more antioxidants than vegetables and a fruit that helps to increase metabolism rate can and burn fat fast. It also reduces the risk of heart stroke, breast and skin cancer. Two cups of green tea can stabilize sugar and cholesterol.  In addition, it treats headache, depression, increase immunity, release stress and rejuvenate the mind.  So, at every aspect green tea is a good source to maintain your figure, release you from stress plus anxiety.

How exactly does green tea works?

The most important part in extracting the green tea is its leaf bud, leaf, and stem. Green tea extract isn’t fermented and is made by hot new leaves at high temperatures. In this process, it’s in a position to preserve essential substances called polyphenols that are seemingly accountable for many of the advantages of green tea extract.

Polyphenols may be in a position to defend cartilage between your bones, avoid swelling and inflammation, and reduce combined deterioration. Additionally they are apparently in a position to combat human papilloma virus (HPV) infections and reduce steadily the development of irregular cells in the cervix (cervical dysplasia). In deep shell, there are so many things that through studies it will be hard to explain.

Green tea extract contains 2% to 4% coffee, which affects thinking and performance, raises urine output, and may enhance the function of mind messengers essential in Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine is considered to encourage the nervous system, heart, and muscles by increasing the discharge of specific substances in the mind called ‘neurotransmitters.’ Anti-oxidants and other materials in green tea extract may help protect the arteries and heart. Losing weight is not easy job. There are numerous people use products and slimming pills that not well-known for weight loss.

Few security concerns

Green tea extract is PROBABLY SAFE for many people. Inexperienced tea extract is POSSIBLY SAFE for many people for short-term use. In certain people, stomach upset and constipation can be caused by green tea. Green tea extract extracts have now been reported to cause liver issues in rare cases.

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Green tea pills

An excessive amount of green tea extract — significantly more than five cups daily, for instance — is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. It may cause unwanted effects due to the coffee. These unwanted effects can vary from mild to severe and include headache, anxiety, sleep issues, throwing up, diarrhea, frustration, abnormal pulse, tremor, and heartburn, vertigo, buzzing in the convulsions, ears, and distress. Green tea extract appears to reduce steadily the intake of iron from food. Drinking high doses of green tea extract can in fact be dangerous. The lethal dose of caffeine in green tea extract is believed to be 10-14 grams (150-200 mg per kg). Severe poisoning may appear at lower doses. Coffee is POSSIBLY SAFE in children in amounts normally present in foods.

Green tea is a best drink especially if you are concerned of weight loss. Mostly, people are less aware about the green tea flavours and their significant. For eg: there are people who are allergic to ginger. So, they should avoid taking ginger flavoured green tea. The benefit of green tea with lemon and honey also help to extract extra fat. If you are really worried about body mass and sincerely want to lose fast than do not stress yourself. Call us today and we will advice you with best tips that will surely bring change in your life.

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